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• 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom
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Newton, Massachusetts

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We have been hosting young people for over 10 years and love having visitors with us. We often have two or three guests at a time making for lively conversations. My husband and I have two friendly dogs and a sometime friendly cat. Our home is a short distance from downtown Boston and Harvard Square with public transportation just steps from the front door. Our neighborhood is quiet and very safe. Our price includes breakfast which guests serve themselves and dinner which we prepare and eat together. Room(s): 1. Double Room (Green Bedroom) with Shared bathroom This is a large double room on the third floor, one person or a couple. It has windows on the south and east sides of the house . There is an extra charge of $125/Week for a second person. This room shares a bath with another room on the third floor. Capacity: 2 Rates: Weekly / 1200.00 Monthly 2. Single Room (Blue Bedroom) with Shared bathroom This is a lovely room on the third floor. It has windows on the south and west and shares a bath with another room on the third floor Capacity: 1 Rates: Weekly / 1200.00 Monthly 3. Double Room (Brown Bedroom) with Shared bathroom This is a very large room for one person or a couple. It has with windows on three sides. The bathroom is large with a whirlpool tub and is shared with our son. The price quoted is for one person. ($125/Week for additional person) Capacity: 2 Rates: Weekly / 1200.00 Monthly House Rules: LAUNDRY ? Laundry is done by the visitor and can be done on any day or time but not past 9 pm. ? Host will wash sheets and towels every two weeks (typically on Saturday). If you want your sheets and towels washed, please leave them in the laundry room before 10 AM Saturday morning. ? The hosts request that you be respectful of others when doing laundry. HOUSEKEEPING ? The house is cleaned every two weeks by a service or the hosts. You are responsible for your own room. ? Toiletries may be kept in the bathroom but you will be sharing the bathroom with another student. ? Please be respectful of others and keep the bathroom clean – do not leave dirty clothes lying around. Do not leave wet towels on any piece of furniture or on the floor. There are towel racks and hooks in the bathroom and towel hooks on the doors in your room. ? Each visitor is responsible for putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher. ? Outside food is allowed in the homestay but should NOT be eaten in your room. Use of the kitchen for cooking is also allowed and we welcome participation in meal preparation. MEAL TIMES ? You are on your own for breakfast. We always have yogurt, cereal, milk, fruit and toast. If there is something else you would like, let us know. ? Dinner is served between 6:30PM and 7:30pm (or depends on visitors’ schedules, whatever is good for every one). If you will not be home for dinner on the weekends, please call or text by 5pm. ? If you will not be home for dinner and want dinner saved for you, please let the host know before dinner time. Your meal will be on the counter. If you will not be eating at home, please text Lee or Tabetha by 4 PM SPECIAL HOUSE REQUESTS ? The hosts go to bed around 10:30pm. If you are staying awake, we just ask that music and the television be turned down. Please be considerate of others when returning home after 10:00pm. ? If you have forgotten your key, please notify the hosts before 9pm so arrangements can be made. ? Visitors must buy their own phone cards for international calls ? No overnight guests are allowed unless permission is given. ? NO SMOKING in the house at any time. Visitors may smoke outside but dispose of smoked cigarette in the garbage outside and not on the yard. ? Turn off all lights and electronics when you leave the house and when you go to bed. ? Please make sure the door to the kitchen and the gate are in place to keep the dogs in the family room/kitchen area. ? The hosts must be made of your plans on the weekend. We would like to meet your friends and find it helpful to have their cell phone numbers and their host family contacts in case of emergency. ? Please let us know if the bathroom sink or shower is draining slowly. The house has old plumbing and sometimes we need to unclog the drains • Please lock the door whenever you leave the house. • Please do not bring any food into your room – water is fine but all eating should be done downstairs. • Please bring the trash down from your room on Wednesday night and leave it by the back door. Local Amenities: Shopping Centre, Local Bus Stop, Park
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