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Private Bathroom, Bus Stop, Train Station
New York, New York

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Located in the East Village known for its trendy restaurants, vintage shopping & nightlife. The room has a queen bed with an 4 inch memory foam topper, an attached bathroom(shared) & 5G Wifi. The 2nd Ave F-Line Subway is just a 1.5 short blocks away. All races, religions & LGBTQ are welcome! If you would prefer minimal interaction, just let me know. I am home a lot but I am very good at just "being" in my own personal space. AMENITIES: - Queen Mattress with 4 inch Memory Foam Topper - Ensuite Bathroom - High Speed 5G 100mbps WiFi Internet - Storage - Closet & a dresser - Hair-Dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap - Full Length Mirror - Umbrellas - Iron -Temperature Control over Heat & New Ultra-Quiet Air Conditioner BEDROOM: The room is on the small side but normal for the East Village. The door to the bedroom is a custom-made floor to ceiling sliding barn door without a lock. The bedroom has a comfortable queen pillow-top mattress bed with 4 pillows. There is a wall heater and a brand new Midea U-Inverter Window Air Conditioner known for being the quietest model available, both which which you control the temperature. BATHROOM - The bathroom is attached to the bedroom and I will need to go through the bedroom to access it in order to clean it daily & occasionally shower while you are out. I always ask your permission first. I provide a hair dryer for my guests to use, as well as shampoo, conditioner and soap. I also provide washcloths, a hand towel and bath towel for each guest. I do not provide any personal hygiene items such as: toothbrushes, deodorant or hair brushes. SLEEPING ALL DAY: If staying out all night and sleeping to mid-afternoon EVERY day is your ideal schedule, great for you but we may not be a good match as my apartment is small and I cannot guarantee "silence" after 8 or 9am. I say this because I want my guests to have a great trip and I recognize I may not be the best fit for all. KITCHEN: If you need access to the kitchen, of course you can use it. I do ask meals & anything more that is loud please be done between 8am-11PM as it is right next to where I sleep. LIVING ROOM: It just won't be available after 9pm as it is essential my "bedroom" at that point. CHECK-IN: The check-in window is anytime between 4 PM and 9 PM, but it is rarely an issue if you need to check-in later so just let me know when booking. I ask all guests for an expected arrival time before your stay so I can plan my day accordingly. Check-out is by 10AM. BUILDING/STAIRS: The building is a walk-up which means no elevator. You will need to be able to carry your luggage up 2 flights of stairs. PAYMENT: I can receive payment via Zelle, Venmow or CashAPP , or Credit Card using Stripe. A 50% deposit is required on booking, with the balance paid 2 weeks before the stay begins. CANCELLATIONS: I offer a full refund for any cancellations made prior to 30 days of check-in. There is a 50% cancellation if made between 30-15 days of check-in. No refund for cancellations made within 2 weeks of check-in. Room(s): 1. Double Room (Guest Room) with Ensuite bathroom This is a queen bedroom with an en-suite bathroom that we share. There is half closet and a dresser for you to store your belongings. I can squeeze in a third guest if necessary. Capacity: 2 Rates: 750.00 Weekly / Monthly House Rules: I have been hosting guests for awhile through other sites, and all of my rules come out of an experience with a guests. I am much more relaxed than these rules suggest but I find having rules or boundaries makes for a better visit for my guests and myself. HELEN’S HOUSE RULES: 1. CHILDREN - Children are welcome to stay but I have a few rules for the parents. A - If you have a minor child with you, they can never be left alone in my apartment at any time without an adult, no exceptions. B - You cannot leave the apartment with out taking your child with you and not tell me. I had a guest go out while I was busy cooking. I did not realize until 25 minutes later I was alone with his 9 year old son. Not acceptable. If you want me to babysit, you need to ask me. I will probably say yes 99% of the time. If I am babysitting while you run a quick errand, I will not charge. If you need me to babysit for more than an hour or so, we will discuss a fee. C. You are the parent and are responsible for all discipline. Having said that, please refrain from any corporeal punishment while in home. 2. NOISE - Please be respectful of my neighbors and me, by keeping the noise volume low. All sound in the hallways echo much louder than intended, so be kind to my neighbors by entering and leaving the building quietly. 3. NO SMOKING - Sorry, no exceptions, as I hate the smell. If you are caught smoking in the apartment, you will pay for the additional cost of a deep cleaning $200 and the cost of steaming of the carpets and furniture, $340. 4. NO DRUGS - I have a strict no illegal drugs policy. Violation will be grounds to be asked to leave immediately. I do have prescription medication in my personal possession and is for my use only. If I find that you took some or if any of it is missing, you will be asked to leave immediately 5. HEATING & A/C- I kindly ask you turn off and/or down the air conditioner or heating in your room when you leave the apartment. (Have you heard, NYC is very expensive!) 6. CLEANING - I clean the bedroom & bathroom every other day. I will dust, sweep and mop the floors. I do not make the bed or pick up your personal items so I will just clean around them. It is your space so you can be as neat or messy as you like in the bedroom but as we share the bathroom, please try to keep it orderly. I have a whole shelf available for your use in the bathroom. I do ask you keep a path clear in the bedroom, so I can access the bathroom without stepping on your belongings. 7. TOWELS & SHEETS- I provide clean towels and linens for all my guests. If a guest stays more than a 5-6 days, I will give you a new set of towels automatically. If you want a clean set of sheets after 7 days, you will need to ask otherwise I will assume they are fine. I do ask that all guests remove any make-up, tanning products and club "hand stamps" before using the towels & sheets. These product do stain and cause permanent damage so please be kind and use the make-up removal products I provide. Repeat offenders will be ask to pay the cost of replacement. 8. COOKING/KITCHEN USE - Guests are welcome to use the kitchen for "light" cooking for dinner before 9PM. "Light cooking" means using the microwave to heat up a dish, making pasta or other quick and easy stove-top meals. A. Please do not to leave dirty dishes or open food in your room as it could attract rodents. I will happily give you space in the refrigerator and the cabinet if needed. B. You must provide all ingredients for the meals you cook and not "shop" in my refrigerator or cabinets. You are welcome to use my salt, pepper, herbs and spices as well as oil and other staples if needed, so please ask. E. You must wash your dishes and clean the kitchen up after eating any meal you cook yourself, ideally after the meal is completed. 9. BROKEN ITEMS - I understand that accidents happen, so please let me know if something breaks, stains or rips immediately. Chances are I can fix it quick & easily which also means better chance of having your full security deposit returned. 10. VISITORS - I understand that for a whole variety of reasons, you may want to invite a visitor into the apartment. There are no overnight guests allowed. I try my best to be reasonable in other situations, but you must have my permission first before anyone is allowed inside. 11. SHIPPING - No packages can be shipped to my apartment without my permission. If you want to shop online and have it sent to me, please contact me to discuss. 12. COLOGNE & PERFUME - Unfortunately I am very sensitive to odors and the perfume can give me a migraine if too strong. Please do not spray perfume of cologne inside my apartment. I truly appreciate your cooperation. 13. BEHAVIOR- If I decide your behavior is disruptive, destructive or harmful in anyway you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund. I am the only opinion in this decision that matters, THESE RULES ARE NOT MEANT TO INHIBIT YOUR FUN DURING YOUR STAY BUT PROTECT BOTH YOU AND MYSELF FROM POTENTIAL ISSUES AND PROBLEMS. Most of the rules are based on situations I have encountered with a prior guest. I promise I am much more relaxed than the above makes me sound. I truly appreciate your cooperation in following the rules. Local Amenities: Tennis, Gym, Swimming, Beach, Library, Shopping Centre, Horse Stables, Sports Arena, Fishing, Local Bus Stop, Hospital, Park, Golf, Bowling, Cinema, Museum, Amusement Park, Water Sports, Health Club, Restaurant, Local Train Station, Airport
Private Bathroom Bus Stop Train Station

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