World Traveler Suite

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• 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom
$ 31000 Price per week
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1 Room Available
Private Bathroom, Wifi, Bus Stop
Houston, Texas

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Gretings! We are offering a room in our 1930’s renovated home 2 miles from Houston’s downtown, Located in the Eastwood area. Room(s): 1. Double Room (World Traveler Suite) with Private bathroom Capacity: 2 Rates: 310.00 Weekly / Monthly House Rules: Kitchen is available for light meal preparation (requiring 15 minutes or less). Microwave is available anytime. Smoking is outdoors only and cigarettes must be disposed of in ashtray provided- there is a designated smoking area available outside. Please do not open windows due to humidity, bugs, and central air and heating. We keep our home between 68 and 70 degrees farenheit, however we can provide extra blankets as well as an in-room heater. Please be considerate and turn off lights when not in the home. Please utilize coasters on tables and dispose of all trash immediately. Eating in the room is allowed, however we ask that guests do not leave empty/dirty food containers in the room- again, please dispose of all refuse immediately to avoid attracting bugs. We have security cameras on the premises required by our homeowners insurance policy as well as the safety of our guests and ourselves. There are no cameras within guests private spaces. Amenities: Internet Access, Laundry Local Amenities: Local Bus Stop
Private Bathroom Wifi Bus Stop

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