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• 4 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom
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Boston, Massachusetts 02135

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Brighton is a predominantly residential neighborhood with a laid-back atmosphere and quiet disposition. This apartment is available on a flexible 1-18 month lease. Monthly rent rate is determined by furnishing preference, move-in date and move-out date. Amenities of this home: Dishwasher, Furnished Common Areas, High-Speed Wi-Fi (Paid separately), Guarantors Allowed, 32-inch Flat-Screen TV, Dining area, Dine in kitchen, Window AC (Common space), Street parking, Laundry in building (paid), Smart lock, Hardwood Flooring, Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, also, this unit is conveniently located, several local parks, restaurants and bars are just minutes away. Welcome to the easiest rental experience of your life. Rent furnished or unfurnished apartments for 1 - 18 months, bypass hidden costs and broker fees and enjoy an easy move-in. As a resident, you’ll have access to 24/7 support and monthly cleanings of the home’s shared spaces. Our residents are primarily local and international students and young professionals in their twenties who see their homes as a safe space to unwind from the daily grind. If you're looking for an environment where relaxation comes first, these are your people. And remember, some flatmate friendships last forever! Room(s): 1. #272 Queen Bedroom B (Private) Capacity: 1 Rates: 1525 / Month Amenities: TV, Desk/workspace, WiFi, Air conditioning, Unfurnished 2. #272 Queen Bedroom A (Private) Capacity: 1 Rates: 1575 / Month Amenities: Desk/workspace, WiFi, Air conditioning, Unfurnished 3. #272 Queen Bedroom C (Private) Capacity: 1 Rates: 1775 / Month Amenities: Desk/workspace, WiFi, Air conditioning, Unfurnished FAQ What criteria do you use to evaluate potential renters? What information do I need to supply for the application? Can I book additional cleaning? What are the quiet hours? What is the policy on alcohol? What potential costs are there besides the rent? Are all rooms furnished? Any meals/snacks included? Are the private bedrooms cleaned frequently? What are the laundry options? Can I get picked up/dropped off at the airport? Can I smoke inside? How about vaping? Do I have to clean the room when I check out? Do you have storage space for my stuff/luggage? Are the communal areas cleaned frequently? Do you host groups/retreats? How many people will be living here during my stay? Is there a house/community manager? What is the average length of stay? Are my belongings safe? Does the building have security? What is done to make me feel safe? What public transportation is available? Are service and emotional support animals allowed? Are kids allowed? Is there a Credit Score required? Do you accept co-signers? Can I extend or shorten my stay? Is it possible to arrive before the designated check-in time or stay past the check-out time? Can I receive post/mail to the property? Will I have privacy? Are there separate work areas in the coliving space? Who are my roommates? When/how will you refund my security deposit? Are guests allowed during the day/night? Can I change rooms or apartments? Can I work in the common area? What types of shared spaces are there? What are the nationalities of the other guests? Can I lock my bedroom door? Are pets allowed? Are couples allowed? Can I split the rent with a friend? Here’s what you’ll need in order to qualify as a resident.Applications must include: ? Solid monthly income. You can prove cash assets by providing banking statements. ? +650 credit score. ? Background checks. You need to verify your identity and meet the financial requirements. These may include, but are not limited to, a government ID, employment/student status, bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs, and visa/work permits (if applicable). If you would like to schedule a cleaning during your stay, you can contact our customer service team to request this service for an additional fee. The quiet hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. If you have questions about our alcohol policies, please reach out to our team for clarification. Our membership fee (aka service fee) covers many great perks for our residents, such as: 24/7 support via our app or member portal, apartment satisfaction guarantee that allows you to switch to another apartment for free within 7 days of your move-in (terms and conditions apply), pre-furnished common areas (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms) in shared multi-bedroom apartments $20/month home essentials stipend for tenants in shared multi-bedroom apartments that you can use to buy home essentials for you and your roommates (e.g., toilet paper, hand soap, dishwasher pods, paper towels, etc.) Monthly common area cleaning for shared multi-bedroom apartments is provided by vetted third-party cleaning vendors. Please note that our membership fee (aka service fee) prices vary from apartment to apartment. Please check each apartment listing for more information. You can request a home that's either furnished or unfurnished. Simply decide on your preference by selecting either "Furnished" or "Unfurnished" on the home listing. Please note that the home’s monthly fee will change according to your choice. Our rentals do not include meals or food as part of the rental package. However, all properties have kitchens that our guests can use Cleaning of the common areas happens once per month, while the private bedroom is cleaned per request; extra fees apply. Our spaces typically have laundry facilities on site, such as a washer and dryer. In some cases, the laundry facilities may be shared with other guests who are staying in the same building or apartment complex. Please review the specific listing and amenities of each rental to determine what laundry options are available to you. At the moment, we do not provide transfer services. We have a strict no-smoking policy on all of their rentals. When you check out of a rental, you are not required to clean the room yourself. We provide professional cleaning services after each guest's stay to ensure that the rental unit is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next guest. However, we ask that you leave the rental unit in a tidy condition upon check-out, which means disposing of any trash, washing any used dishes, and generally leaving the space in a presentable state. This is a common courtesy expected of all guests when staying in any type of accommodation, whether it is a hotel, vacation rental, or a short-term rentals like those provided by our company. The storage space for guests' personal belongings or luggage varies depending on the specific rental unit and location. One of the most important rules when living with roommates is to keep shared spaces clean. No one wants to come home to a messy living room or kitchen, so it’s essential to establish a system for cleaning and maintaining shared spaces. We offer a monthly cleaning of shared spaces. We suggest checking with us directly. When you rent a shared home, you will be sharing the space with others. roommates that we will help find for you, and the number of roommates will depend on the rooms available in the unit. If you rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you will not share that apartment with any roommates. As part of our community, you will have direct contact with our team, which will be happy to assist you throughout your stay. To give you an idea of our resident rotation, residents typically stay for an average of of four months. If you are getting a new roommate, we will inform you when their application has been approved. In the event of any damage or loss of your personal belongings, renter’s insurance will be your sole resource to request compensation as you’ll be able to file a claim and receive compensation. Also, depending on the insurance package, you may also be eligible to receive temporary housing in case your home is deemed uninhabitable for a specific period of time. The rooms are unable to be locked from the exterior. In the case of an emergency, Residents need to access all areas of the home. Locks can be added to the interior of a bedroom door so that when a person occupies the space, the door locks. The charges are based on the handyman market prices and the material. cost. The availability of public transportation near a rental property would depend on the specific location and the city or town in which it is located. You can find information on the type of public transportation that is close to the unit of your choice by checking out the listing on our page. Please reach out to our team if you have additional questions. Most of our homes are not ideal for pets. However, select homes do allow pets. for an additional monthly fee: $50 for a cat and $100 for a dog. Please note that As per the law, any and all of our homes allow ESA and ADA animals, even if They are not listed as ‘pet friendly.’ This means that you may be paired with someone who is legally authorized to have a pet. Across all cities, any resident Whoever needs to live with an ESA is required to fill out a form specifying this as part of their application. Our units are not suitable for children. The properties are designed to accommodate adults only. Yes, the required credit score is +650. A guarantor, usually a parent or guardian, is someone who meets certain financial requirements and will co-sign your lease in order to guarantee the terms of the agreement will be fulfilled. By co-signing, they commit to paying your rent during your lease if, for any reason, you can’t make the payments yourself. Guarantors on applications will be asked to provide documentation, such as proof of income as well as confirmation of a high credit score. In case you need to modify the length of your stay, please reach out to our team, who’ll be happy to walk you through the applicable conditions. We uphold a 3:00 PM move-in policy for several reasons, but most importantly to ensure that your move-in is as smooth as possible. In the case that the previous resident may be moving out the day you move in; we need time to inspect and clean the room, ensuring you will be moving into a space that meets our standards. If you need to move in earlier than 3:00 PM, we may be able to accommodate this on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee - email our team with your request. Many mail services can help with delivering your mail and packages safely in big cities. As a resident of the property, you're entitled to receive postal or mail. In shared homes, each resident has their own private bedroom, and all residents in the home share the kitchen, living areas, bathrooms, etc. A shared apartment means that you will be sharing the common spaces (kitchen, bathroom, and living room) with one or multiple roommates who are also part of the member network and went through background checks and approval. Safety is the number one priority for us. Every member is fairly vetted and goes through extensive criminal and background checks, as well as a 3-step approval process that includes in-person interviews with our team. A set of strict, yet reasonable rules is enforced in all of our homes. Our members tend to be a mix of creative, hard-working professionals and students. Most members are moving within the same city, though we have many tenants from around the US and world. We refund security deposit within 14 business days, but usually much faster. We would also want to show off our home if we were you. Here’s our policy to keep all our homes happy. Daytime visitors may visit anytime between 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM. The member must be present when there are visitors. We allow up to 2 daytime visitors at a time. If you would like to invite more than 2 Daytime visitors at once, consent from all other Members is required. A friend that stays past 10:00 PM is considered an overnight visitor. All overnight visitors must be registered through the App, for the safety and consideration of all your housemates. Their full name and phone number are required. If needed, we can send your visitor access to the home. There is a maximum limit of 8 overnight visitors per month, only one at a time. If the visitor stays for more than eight (8) nights, the host shall be charged for the daily rate of the host’s room price for their guest, in addition to their license fee. Members take full responsibility for their visitors. Any violation or damage caused by a visitor is considered the Member's violation and our policies apply accordingly. TL;DR: be a good human and exercise care when inviting people into your shared home. Yes! Once your Membership Initiation is approved, you have access to all of our homes. If you have moved in already, and have decided to relocate, we can accommodate a relocation to space with a monthly fee equal or higher to your current agreement. We require written notice 30 days in advance and we apply a $200 relocation fee. And don't worry - we will transfer your security deposit to your new room! Yes, you will be sharing the common spaces (kitchen, bathroom, and living room) with one or multiple roommates who are also part of the member network. A shared apartment means that you will be sharing the common spaces (kitchen, bathroom, and living room) with one or multiple roommates who are also part of the member network and went through background checks and approval. Due to privacy restrictions, we are unable to share identifying information about our current members. However, we have member profiles listed on the room page on our site! This gives you more information on your future roommate's hobbies, living habits, and occupation. We are also able to send your details to your future roommates and they can reach out to you directly if they choose. We see a delicious glass of wine being shared very soon. Perhaps a cheeseboard, too. We allow door locks. We can install these upon request for a $30 installation fee. Most of our homes are not ideal for pets. However, selected homes do allow pets for an additional monthly fee. Sure! Couples are welcomed!
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