7 Most Student-Friendly Areas in Sydney, Australia

7 Most Student-Friendly Areas in Sydney, Australia

It can be challenging to look for an affordable place to stay in Sydney, especially for students on a budget. If you're struggling with this, read more to find out which are the most student-friendly suburbs in Sydney.

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Venturing outside of your hometown for the first time can incite feelings of excitement, fear, and hesitation all at once. This is especially true if you are not only moving to another city, but to another country or continent altogether. There are so many things you must account for before your move, logistics-wise. One of the most important things to consider is where you are going to live.

Whether you are an international student or coming from a different area of Australia, Sydney will most likely be unfamiliar to you. The city is a great place to attend university, and Sydney has a lot to offer in terms of recreational activities. However, the truth is that living here can be very costly. In fact, Sydney is actually in the top 100 most expensive locations for expatriates to live in 2020. It was also the only Australian city in the list.

Having said that, it is definitely not impossible to live in Sydney if you are on a budget – which, as a student, you probably are. There are a couple of neighborhoods that are student-friendly considering cost of living, nearby schools, accessibility to public transportation, as well as local attractions.

We have come up with this handy list of the best neighborhoods in Sydney for students. This should hopefully help you find the perfect area for you to stay in. Here are our seven top picks:

1. Newtown

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Newtown is a diverse and vibrant suburb located in the inner-West of Sydney. This is a chic, youthful neighborhood that has come to be known as “the hear of Sydney’s alternative scene.” If you are a free-spirited individual who is into art, music, and culture, Newtown may be the right fit for you. This area congregates some of the most creative minds and fun-loving people.

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$355 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: University of Sydney

Public Transportation: Train (T2), Bus (352, 370, 422, 423,  428, 430)

Local Attractions:  King Street, The Vanguard, Legendary Thai Pothong, The Courthouse Hotel, Black Star Pastry

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 2. Kingsford

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Kingsford, New South Wales is a great neighborhood to live in if you will be attending a university in the East of Sydney. The cost of living in Kingsford is also relatively lower compared to Newtown, which is a big plus. You can rent out a bigger apartment for less. This is ideal if you will be sharing a living space with a larger group of people.

To add, Kingsford also has a large student population which gives the area a college town atmosphere. It may not be as exciting and colorful as Newtown, but there are still plenty of things to do and see here. 

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$430 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: University of New South Wales, The Kensington Colleges

Public Transportation: Light Rail (L3), Train (T8), Bus (391, 392, 393, 394 395, 396, 418)

Local Attractions: Kingsford Town Centre, Churchills Sports Bar, The Design Ark, Eastlakes Golf Club

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3. Darlington

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If you would like to live closer to the University of Sydney, you can check out Darlington. You will be surrounded by tons of fellow students in this suburb since the university is a lot nearer. Making plans with your new friends and bumping into people from your classes will be a lot easier.

Darlington is also home to impeccable eateries, cafes, and pubs that you can enjoy. If you’re looking to have a thriving social life outside of school, this is the place to be. 

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$500 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: University of Sydney

Public Transportation: Train (T1, T2, T4, T9), Bus (352, 423,  426,  428, 483)

Local Attractions: Darling Quarter, Eveleigh Hotel, Darling Harbour, Madame Tussauds Sydney

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4. Marsfield

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For those attending schools in Northern Sydney, you are in luck. Marsfield is one of the more affordable towns on this list. Now, you won’t have to worry as much about your high tuition fees.

One of the reasons Marsfield is more budget-friendly is because it is not as busy compared to other areas. Things are more slow-paced and suburbia-like here, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps you prefer peace and quiet after a long day of studying. As a bonus, Marsfield is also very accessible via public transportation.

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$368 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: Macquarie University

Public Transportation: Metro (M), Train (CCN, T9), Bus (291, 292, 544, 545, 550)

Local Attractions: Macquarie Centre, Strike Macquarie, Stewart Park, The Lindt Chocolate Shop 

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5. Enmore

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Enmore is another common choice for students in Western Sydney. Like Newtown, Enmore is also quite modern and trendy. You can find lots of restaurants serving delicious food, as well as cool hole-in-the wall spots. It is practically a hipster’s dream neighborhood.

The cost of living in Enmore is on par with Newtown, for the most part. You can spend a day in both areas to get a feel for which one you would rather reside in. 

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$506 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: University of Sydney

Public Transportation: Train (T2), Bus (423, 426, 428, 430)

Local Attractions: Enmore Park, Hopsters Co-Op Brewery, Enmore Theatre, Kuleto’s Cocktail Bar

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6. Box Hill

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Box Hill is also an excellent choice if you are aiming to live frugally in Sydney.  The average rent is not enormously high, and you can save on gas or public transportation by walking instead.

There is quite a large Asian community here in Box Hill, specifically Chinese. It is sometimes called “mini-Shanghai.” You will have access to an array of Asian restaurants and stores. Overseas students from East Asian countries may feel more at home here. Or perhaps you’re just fond of Asian food and culture. 

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$320 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: Box Hill Institute

Public Transportation: Train (T1), Bus (741)

Local Attractions: Box Hill Gardens, Box Hill Central, Artists Park

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7. Randwick

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The last neighborhood on this list is Randwick, located in the Eastern suburbs. This is another popular option for University of New South Wales students due to its close proximity to the school.

Similar to Box Hill, Randwick has a wide selection of Asian eateries. Foodies will get a kick out of living here with all the delicious cuisine in the general vicinity. Not only that, but the food in Randwick is relatively cheap as well.  

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$490 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: University of New South Wales, Creston College

Public Transportation: Light Rail (L2), Train (T4, T8), Bus (348, 357, 372, 373, 400)

Local Attractions: Royal Randwick Racecourse, Pinot & Picasso Randwick, Sugarcane Restaurant, Nour Sydney

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As you can see, Sydney has many student-friendly areas despite being a high-cost city. If you know where to look, finding an affordable place to live in one of these thriving student communities should be an easy feat. 

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Good luck!