7 Most Student-Friendly Areas in Adelaide, Australia

7 Most Student-Friendly Areas in Adelaide, Australia

What suburbs are best for international students planning to study in Adelaide? In this article, we talk about 7 of the best locations in the city, their prices, and other important factors.

Moving into a new city can be a life-altering decision, whether it be interstate or overseas. Even the most well-adjusted and well-balanced individuals find themselves anxious and nervous about moving somewhere they’ve never been before. 

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If you’re planning to study in Adelaide and you’re feeling worried and anticipatory of the challenges that may come with your move, it’s okay. You are not alone! 

Below, we’ve made a list of the best neighborhoods for international students in Adelaide, to help you find a little peace of mind. We’ve also included helpful tips on how to choose the best accommodations, plus links to recommended lodges. 

Let’s get started! 

Why Choose Adelaide?

Adelaide is a beautiful and interesting city; hence, it’s no wonder it has become an attractive destination for both tourists and students. From world-renowned universities to a vast roster of career advancement and employment opportunities; Adelaide seems to have all you could ever need to have a good and satisfying experience in Australia.  

The fact that the cost of living in Adelaide is 21% cheaper than living in Sydney or Melbourne is just a bonus. 

Additionally, Adelaide features an amazing transport system complete with trains, trams, and free buses all around the area. An integrated system connects the suburbs to all parts of the city, so whichever direction you’re coming from, you can rest assured that you’ll reach your destination easily.

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Adelaide boasts a healthy environment supported by easy-access healthcare amenities and the lowest pollution levels in the whole continent. And since health is a crucial factor to studying, this pushes the point of Adelaide being a great choice for students even further in. 

Seven Best Places to Live in Adelaide

The majority of the neighborhoods in Adelaide are great for international students. However, the places we’re reviewing today have the best facilities and location, as well as cultural and extracurricular pastimes. 

Here are our top picks for the best neighborhoods for international students in Adelaide: 

  • North Adelaide

  • Black Forest

  • Kensington

  • Seacliff

  • Glenelg

  • Henley Beach

  • North Brighton

North Adelaide

Located just two kilometers north of the central business district (CBD), North Adelaide is a great location for students to find accommodations. It only takes around 25 minutes to reach the city center from the suburbs by public transportation and 13 minutes if you drive a private vehicle. 

Adelaide is home to dozens of heritage sites, including the Adelaide Oval, which features the most picturesque sporting ground in the entire world. Besides that, you can also find parks, pubs, cafes, and schools in the area.

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House rental prices in North Adelaide range from AU$120 to AU$380 per week (PW) on a one-bedroom apartment. 

The closest universities and colleges in the area are:

  • The University of Adelaide

  • University of South Australia

  • Lincoln College

  • Aquinas College

  • St. Ann’s College Inc.

  • Australian Lutheran College

  • Kathleen Lumley College Inc.

  • St. Mark’s College

  • St. Dominic’s Priory College

To check out student accommodations in North Adelaide, Adelaide, SA click here. 

Black Forest

Another great location for students who want to stay in Adelaide should consider is Black Forest. It’s exactly two kilometers south of the CBD — just around a 13-minute drive or a 29-minute bus drive from the suburbs to the city center. 

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Considered one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the entire city, Black Forest is situated near parks, department stores, fitness centers, schools, and attractions you can visit during your off time. 

Since Black Forest is located just outside the city center, rental prices are a little cheaper at around AU$135 to AU$385 (PW) on a one-bedroom apartment.

The colleges and universities nearest to Black Forest are:

  • The University of Adelaide (Waite Campus)

  • Bible College of South Australia

  • Adelaide College of Divinity

  • CQUniversity Adelaide

For appropriate student accommodations in Black Forest, Adelaide, SA click here. 


The most attractive part about Kensington is its Victorian-era architecture, which transports its residences to a completely different time and age. Unlike the rest of Adelaide, the streets in Kensignton are all laid out diagonally as opposed to in a grid. This makes the trip from the city center to the suburbs a little over an 11-minute drive — much shorter compared to other areas. 

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Situated four kilometers east of the CBD, it may take commuters using public transportation a little longer to reach their destination (around 40 minutes). On the bright side, you can use the long bus rides to catch up on your reading or you could also choose to listen to an interesting podcast. 

House rental fees in Kensington cost around AU$345(PW) for a one-bedroom apartment. 

The colleges and universities that are closest to Kensington are:

  • University of South Australia (Magill Campus)

  • Mary MacKillop College

  • The University of Adelaide

  • Lincoln College Adelaide

  • Australian Adelaide International College

  • The University of Adelaide College

If you’re looking for possible student accommodations in Kensington, Adelaide, SA you can check out our recommendations, here. 


Ocean views and golden dunes — that’s what you’ll be seeing every day once you get settled in Seacliff! 

It’s a little farther out of the city center (around 14 kilometers) and takes about 31 minutes to drive or 61 minutes to commute via public transport. The longer travel hours may mean you have to leave home and school earlier than if you lived somewhere closer. However, if long rides seem a worthy bargain for a scenic beach view, this arrangement should be good for you. 

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Rental fees may be a little higher than Black Forest and Kensington, but it’s still affordable at around AU$275 to $350 (PW) for a one-bedroom apartment. 

Seacliff is near a variety of restaurants and entertainment establishments. They also have neighboring national parks, museums, and galleries. 

Universities near the area:

  • Flinders University

For student accommodations in Seacliff, Adelaide, SA check here. 


Glenelg is home to an ample collection of beach resorts and amusements parks, making it an attractive destination for many students and tourists in the area. 

Located southwest of Adelaide’s CBD, it’s a seaside suburb that’s worth considering because of its laid-back and trendy vibe, as well as the convenient facilities that it offers. It’s a 21-minute drive to the city center — around a 36-minute commute for those who prefer to take public transportation. 

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Glenelg rental prices are a little steeper than Seacliff’s, around AU$300 to AU$400 (PW) for a one-bedroom unit. But if you’re the explorative type, you surely won’t run out of things to do in this area. 

The colleges and universities near Glenelg are:

  • Australian Catholic University

  • Immanuel College

  • Plympton International College R-12

  • The University of Adelaide College

  • Torrens University Australia

  • Australian Adelaide International College

  • University of Adelaide

Check out our Glenelg, Adelaide, SA accommodation recommendations by clicking here. 

Henley Beach

Henley Beach rental fees cost around just as much as those in Glenelg — AU$288 to AU$625 (PW) for a one-bedroom apartment. As the name suggests, they are another seaside suburb known for their long sandy beaches and vibrant food scenes. Besides that, they also have a variety of parks and entertainment centers that are only a stone’s throw away. 

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Henley Beach is located exactly 10 kilometers outside of Adelaide’s CBD. It’s a 24-minute drive to the city or a 45-minute commute using public transportation. 

The closest colleges and universities in the area are:

  • St. Michael’s College

  • University of Adelaide

  • Lincoln College of Adelaide

  • Australian Adelaide International College

  • University of South Australia

  • Uniting College for Leadership and Theology

  • Aquinas College

  • Torrens Univesity of Australia

For possible student accommodations in Henley Beach, Adelaide, SA click here. 

North Brighton

Last but not least of our recommendations is North Brighton. It’s exactly 3.5 kilometers away from Glenelg, meaning what amenities and facilities are available in its neighboring suburb is also available to its residents. Take some time off to enjoy the beaches, restaurants, amusement parks, and other locations. Visit parklands, museums, and art galleries during your own time.

North Brighton is 13 kilometers away from Adelaide’s CBD — around a 25-minute drive or a 49-minute commute via public transportation. Rental prices cost around AU$295 to AU$425(PW) for a one-bedroom apartment — it could go up or down depending on the accommodations you choose. 

The nearest colleges and universities in the area are:

  • Australian Catholic University

  • Immanuel College

  • Plympton International College R-12

  • The University of Adelaide College

  • Torrens University Australia

  • Australian Adelaide International College

  • University of Adelaide

For student accommodations in North Brighton, Adelaide, SA click here. 

The Wrap Up

Moving into a new city can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. But as long as you follow this guide, you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong. The secret to a successful operation is always preparation. 

Doing your due diligence on the various student accommodation options in Adelaide is essential. Besides knowing the types of lodging options available you also have to consider your budget, timing your move, as well as the services you need to make your move much easier. 

Enjoy the process and take things slow so you don’t miss anything along the way. 

If this article has helped you or if you think it can help a friend or a family member, feel free to send them over to this page or share the link via your preferred online platform.