7 Best Student Neighborhoods in Brisbane, Australia

7 Best Student Neighborhoods in Brisbane, Australia

If you’re a student looking for suitable neighborhoods in Brisbane, Australia, check this article out!

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When we think of cities in Australia, the ones that usually come to mind are Sydney and Melbourne. It’s no surprise as these are the most popular cities after all. People also have more exposure to these two places through mainstream media. 

Australia, however, has so many other wonderful cities you can explore. One of those wonderful cities is Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. This is one of the oldest cities in the country and is actually a fairly popular tourist destination as well. It may not receive the same traffic as Sydney and Melbourne, but it is up there.

If you want to go against the current and explore a more lowkey city, Brisbane is worth looking into.

Why Move to Brisbane?

As mentioned, Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia. For this reason, it is a place that rich with culture and history. Walking around the city, you will be pleasantly surprised that many heritage buildings are still standing. You can even find beautiful non-modern homes in the residential areas. If you are a fan of history and architecture, you would definitely love it here.

Another major selling point of Brisbane is its diversity and status as a global city. Brisbane may be one of the oldest, but it is certainly not old-fashioned. A significant percentage of the urban neighborhoods are foreign-born. So, you will be able to mingle with a ton of people of different nationalities and cultures. Even if you are an international student, you will still feel very welcome here.

Are you considering choosing Brisbane yet? If you’re still not convinced, we have put together this list of the most livable neighborhoods for students like yourself. Brisbane has its fair share of nightlife, nature, and modern living.

Without further ado, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Brisbane that you can choose from.


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Toowong is a quiet and safe neighborhood near the University of Queensland and CQUniversity Brisbane.  However, just because it’s quiet does not mean it’s boring. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities you can partake in. Toowong has a relatively lively nightlife for students and young adults, so you can unwind after a long day of lectures and assignments. You will also be close to nature should you need a break from the city. 

Average Cost of Rent (2-BR Apartment): AU$ 425 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: University of Queensland, CQUniversity Brisbane

Public Transportation: Train (CABO, IPSW, SPRI), Bus (430, 444, 445, 470, 598)

Local Attractions: Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Toowong Village, Regatta Hotel, Blue Room Cinebar, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium 

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Kelvin Grove

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Incoming or current students at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) should check out Kelvin Grove. This area has a thriving student community that you will surely enjoy being a part of. Kelvin Grove has been transformed into an urban village that specifically caters to students in the surrounding areas. Aside from all the fun activities and amazing restaurants & cafes, this village has a wide range of student housing options.

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$ 353 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove State College

Public Transportation: Train (BEEN, IPSW, SHOR), Bus (325, 345, 380, 390)

Local Attractions: La Boite Theatre, Bancroft Park, Caxton Street, Suncorp Stadium, Red Sand Aboriginal Art Gallery 

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East Brisbane

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Compared to other neighborhoods on this list, East Brisbane has a much more suburban feel. It is a quieter area that is mostly residential. One of the reasons this part of town is inhabited by a large student population, especially overseas students, is the availability of student housing. There are quite a lot of apartment buildings offering affordable rates that won’t burn your pockets.

 Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$ 360 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: New England College, Enhance College

Public Transportation: Train (BEEN, FERN, GOLD, SHOR), Bus (185, 210, 230)

Local Attractions: Mowbray Park, Shaftson Hotel

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Not only does it have a funky name, but it’s also a funky town (in a good way!). Woolloongabba is a central district that connects a lot of major suburbs in Brisbane together. Thus, it’s a very busy and very fast-paced place. Since it is connected to major roads and other neighborhoods, it is also very easy to travel within or in and out of Woolloongabba. Many train lines and even more bus lines pass through this area.

If you really want to make the most out of your university experience, this might be the right place for you. You will be surrounded by tons of interesting people, and there is a whole lot to do in this part of town.

Average Cost of Rent (2-BR Apartment): AU$ 510 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: QUT Gardens Point,  TAFE Queensland South Bank Campus

Public Transportation: Train (BEEN, FERN, SHOR), Bus (113, 172,  175, 203, 204, 210, 212, 230, 29, 340, 61)

Local Attractions: The Gabba, Five Ways Precinct, Kangaroo Point

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New Farm

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New Farm is a great choice for those who love the outdoors and want to have an active lifestyle. Although public transportation is accessible, you can get around easily by just walking. There are also plenty of green spaces like parks where you can get your workout in or relax with a book. It is also pretty close to Fortitude Valley which has a booming nightlife district. 

Average Cost of Rent (2-BR Apartment): AU$ 475 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: Torrens University Australia Fortitude Valley Campus, QUT Gardens Point Campus

Public Transportation: Train (BEEN, CLEV, SPRI), Bus (196), Ferry (CITYCAT) 

Local Attractions: New Farm Park, Jan Powers Farmers Market, Brisbane Powerhouse

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Mount Gravatt

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Another surprisingly popular destination for students in Brisbane is Mount Gravatt. It is further away from the CBD and major commercial areas. However, the reason why it is popular is due to the availability of housing and accommodations. You are more likely to find more budget-friendly apartments and eateries too.

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$ 304 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: Griffith University

Public Transportation: Train (AIRP), Bus (140, 150, 160, 169, 299, 571, 573)

Local Attractions: Garden City Shopping Centre, Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve

Look for affordable accommodations away from the hustle and bustle in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, QLD.

West End

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The last neighborhood we will talk about is called West End. This is one of the trendiest areas among the ones listed here. West End is perfect for night owls and culture enthusiasts. There’s music, dancing, bars, restaurants, and art galleries too. It is every university student’s dream to live in a place like this.

Average Cost of Rent (1-BR Apartment): AU$ 320 per week

Nearby Colleges & Universities: Queensland University of Technology

Public Transportation: Train (CLEV, DOOM, GOLD, SHOR)

Local Attractions: Davies Park, Archive Beer, Boundary Street Markets

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There you have it! These are some of the best areas to stay at in Brisbane, Australia. This list should narrow your search down a bit. It is up to you now to choose based on your priorities and needs which neighborhood will suit you best. 

We hope this article helped you gain more insight on the different neighborhoods in Brisbane. If you know any other international students looking to study in Brisbane, send them this way! You can also find other helpful articles and resources here on Student Accommodation One.