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Wifi, Bus Stop, Train Station, Games Room
Point Cook, Victoria

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We would like to tell you a little about us. Our names are Annie Luu and Dennis Nguyen, we are both Australian Citizens. We have been married 7 years and having 2 children, Louis Nguyen is 6 years old and Joseph Nguyen 10 months old. We speak English and Vietnamese. Once again, we are happy to welcome you to Australia. We consider it our privilege to have you here and to assist you in every way that we can. LUNCH:$10/ day + DINNER $15/ day ( including dessert) . Please let’s host know 24 in advance. If you eating 7 days LUNCH + DINNER : we can offer very good price :$150/ per week/ 1 person( Lunch and Dinner) or $500 / per month/ 1 person. We change menu every week and cook from Asian to Australian food. Room(s): 1. Double Room (Room 3) with Shared bathroom This bunk bed can have 1 or siblings studying together . We can offer one more desktop table if you need . This room suitable for person who spending time for studying, working, sleeping. Capacity: 2 Rates: 350.00 Weekly / 1450.00 Monthly 2. Double Room (Bed room 2) with Shared bathroom Beautiful queen bed Tv stand Desk & chairs + lamp ( Piano and guitar optional) Capacity: 2 Rates: 350.00 Weekly / 1500.00 Monthly 3. Double Room (Bed room 4) with Shared bathroom Luxury queen bed Big TV and big shelf Multiple functions Desk and chair Nice wardrobe and drawers. Capacity: 2 Rates: 350.00 Weekly / 1500.00 Monthly House Rules: We are very happy to have you in our home and want you to feel a part of our family. Check in time: 3.30 pm every day .( If you want check in earlier will pay $10 extra per hour) Check out time : 10- 10.30 Am everyday .( check out late will be discuss with me just in case I have new guests need to check in on time or earlier) FREE BREAKFAST: We will always have cold and hot cereal, or bread for toast, milk, fresh fruit and would like you to make yourself at home in our kitchen. We will be glad to show you where everything is stored and how to run the dishwasher, microwave, etc. Please rinse your dishes and put them into the dishwasher. We ask that you be conservative with the water when rinsing dishes, remembering to turn the water off when you are not actually rinsing a dish–so as not to run up the water bill. If the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, please rinse your dishes and place them in the vinyl holder in the left sink. LUNCH:$10/ day + DINNER $15/ day ( including dessert) . Please let’s host know 24 in advance. If you eating 7 days LUNCH + DINNER : we can offer very good price :$150/ per week/ 1 person( Lunch and Dinner) or $500 / per month/ 1 person. We change menu frequently from Asian to Australian, European, Meat and Vegetables, Fish, seafood, rice , noodles… LUNCH: We can offer lunch for you or you can prepare it for yourself. DINNER: Our dinner will usually be ready around 6:00 to 8 00 p.m. Occasionally, we have to work late. When that is the case, there will be food available for you to help yourself. Always, after dinner, all of us help cleaning the kitchen, so please join in and help us by clearing the dishes off the table help, rinsing and loading the dishwasher, wiping off the stove, counter tops and the dining table. It’s a fun “family time” together. WEEKEND MEALS: We have external school activities for my children, our very busiest day is Saturday and we will never be home on Saturday. Therefore, breakfast as usual; and dinner – there will always be food in the refrigerator – please help yourself. OUR HOME – YOUR HOME: You are welcome to make yourself at home in the “common areas” of our house — watch TV anytime you want, watch movies, play the piano, read, play board or card games, etc. There is a cinema room for watching movies, except for our sleeping time. We do respectfully ask that you not smoke or drink any alcoholic beverages at our home. Also, since we work five days a week, our normal bedtime is 9:00pm. Thank you for respecting our time at night by keeping your music or TV volumes. If you have any problems or questions, please come to us and we will help you in any way we can. YOUR ROOM: We respect your privacy and will never enter your room without first knocking. We want you to feel at home in your room – this is your space. If there is anything we have forgotten that will make your stay more comfortable, please talk with us about it. We have provided a vacuum cleaner (stored in my sitting room closet) for you to use in your room along with a dust rag and furniture polish. Please try to run it about once a week and do a little dusting just to help keep everything nice and orderly. We have provided a towel bar on your closet or room door to hang your wet bath towel and washcloth on. Please do not leave wet towels or washcloths on the furniture, or on the bed. Also, please put any drink glasses on the coasters provided to keep water spots from damaging the furniture. We prefer that you not take food to your room – crumbs and left-over food can cause bug infestation. BATHROOM: As a courtesy, please keep the bathroom as picked up and clean as possible for your suite-mate(s). Because we are living in a double storey home, you can flush reasonable amounts of toilet paper into toilet. Too much toilet paper can stop up the toilet. Please do not put wet tissue into toilet, it also block the pipe and cause costly repairs. LEISURE TIME: We hope you will make many new friends from many countries while you are in Australia. We encourage you to go on all the planned school activities. Anytime you go out with friends, just let us know how we can reach you in case of emergency, and when you will return home. You may text or call us to let us know. Anytime we are home, you are welcome to have a friend over to visit at reasonable hours, but we respectfully ask that you not have friends over when we are not at home. Under no circumstances should you ever have a female in your room. TRASH DAY: Mondays are the day the trashmen come to pick up the neighborhood trash. Every Sunday evening, please help us round up all the trash in the entire house into plastic bags, put them in the large trash cans outside, and roll them to the front curb. Your help is appreciated. This is a lot of information – but we hope it will help you feel more at home and give you guidance on what is expected of you. We will treat you like part of our family!!! Amenities: TV, Barbecue, Internet Access, Smoke Alarm, Laundry, Games Room, Garden, Parking, Gym at home Local Amenities: Tennis, Gym, Swimming, Beach, Library, Shopping Centre, Sports Arena, Fishing, Local Bus Stop, Hospital, Park, Golf, Bowling, Museum, Amusement Park, Water Sports, Health Club, Restaurant, Local Train Station
Wifi Bus Stop Train Station Games Room

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