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• 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom
$ 266 Price per week
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Adelaide, South Australia

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Hi, we are a family of four. We live in the lovely suburb of Craigmore, which is situated north of the city of Adelaide. We have a large home with many living areas, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas, laundry, kitchen and dining room. We love to have fun when not working, we love cooking, sight seeing, going to the movies, beach and dining out. We have two little dogs that love everybody. They do not bite, They just want to be your friend. Room(s): 1. Single Room (Room 1) with Shared bathroom Size: 12 m2 ( 129.2 ft2 ) Capacity: 1 Rates: Weekly / Monthly 2. Single Room (Room 2) with Shared bathroom Size: 12 m2 ( 129.2 ft2 ) Capacity: 1 Rates: Weekly / Monthly House Rules: House rules are as follows. We provide wireless internet for our quests and it is set up when you arrive. The internet is to be used only for studying and contacting family. NO DOWNLOADING OF MUSIC, MOVIES OR PORNOGRAPHY. This will not be condoned. You are NOT PERMITTED TO USE THE INTERNET ALL NIGHT If you do you will lose the priviledge. NO FOOD TO BE EATEN IN YOUR BEDROOM. KEEP BATHROOM TIDY AFTER USE DO NOT LEAVE CLOTHES IN THE BATHROOM HELP WITH SETTING TABLE AT NIGHT FOR DINNER AND WASHING DISHES IF YOU WISH TO COOK IN THE KITCHEN YOU MUST TIDY UP AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED INFORM HOST FAMILY IF YOU WILL NOT BE HOME FOR DINNER INFORM HOST FAMILY IF YOU WISH TO BRING A FRIEND HOME FOR DINNER DO NOT BRING STRANGERS INTO OUR HOME NO WASHING CLOTHES LATE AT NIGHT. IT WILL WAKE HOST FAMILY. ALWAYS RESPECT HOST FAMILY AND THE HOST FAMILY WILL ALWAYS RESPECT YOU. Additional Info: The room rate includes the following services: lunch, dinner, and internet access. We do not have unlimited internet, we buy it in blocks. If we think you are using considerable amounts of internet you will be charged accordingly. We only speak English in our home. Amenities: Internet Access

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10 Minimum Nights

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