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• 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom
$ 460 Price per week
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1 Room Available
Bus Stop, Train Station
New York, New York

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YOU MUST ME FULLY VACCINATED TO BOOK YOUR STAY. Proof as well. No better place to enjoy your stay in NYC...My daughter and myself enjoying hosting students and have been for five years. You can fall asleep in the evenings in the quiet district of the LES & awake in the morning with a stunning view of the Freedom Tower (World Trade Center). Guests must be 18 years old or older. Room(s): 1. Single Room (Your Private 1 Bedroom) with Shared bathroom Your own private bedroom in a 3 bedroom apartment with 1 ½ bath. Desk, chair, desk lamp, standing lamp, nightstand, full-length mirror, big closet and tall dresser. Plenty of lighting. Large eat-in kitchen and dining room. Stylish common areas. Capacity: 1 Rates: 460.00 Weekly / 1800.00 Monthly House Rules: YOU MUST ME FULLY VACCINATED TO BOOK YOUR STAY. Proof as well. Part-payment is due in advance. PayPal accepted for payment. Balance due one arrival day. Cancellation Policy: We ask our guests to give us at least 30 days’ notice for any cancellation. Any cancellation later than this will not be refunded.” HOUSE RULES FOR ALL GUESTS YOU MUST ME FULLY VACCINATED, show proof as well, or recent proof of Covid infection. I have been an Airbnb host for 10 years; these are the rules that I have created based on my experience as a host having long term guests. I am a legal New York City Host, but if anyone speaks with you in the building just say you are visiting. New Yorker's ask too many questions that you don't have to answer but be polite. :) You will be given a set of keys for the front door to the building, the apartment door (which has a key paid code that I will supply you - send me your email) & the private room. Your room has a locking door also. PLEASE REMEMBER to lock the front door when leaving by pressing (lock icon) on the keypad. The cleaning lady comes once a month. The house is very clean. Let’s collectively try to keep it that way. Please pay attention to the way you find things, leave them that way after use. • Sorry, no smoking in the apartment or in the building. • No Pets. • NO GUESTS ARE ALLOWED TO STAY OVER. My building management does not permit me to allow my Airbnb guest to host their own guest, sorry. These are the state rules that I cannot break for anyone. • If you want to have a guest come over to visit, you need to ask me first. (Strangers in the house have been known to steal things if I’m not there or if I don’t know they were there). So, it’s best if I’m aware who is visiting to keep track. • If I am out of town during your stay. NO GUESTS IN THE APARTMENT or it will be grounds for early departure. • No loud music/noise after 9pm. This is a residential apartment building with families. • Keep the apartment and your room neat and clean please. • ** Also PLEASE shut off all lights at night in the front hallway, kitchen, bathroom & back hallway. • Please be mindful to shut off the fans or air conditioners that are running when you aren’t home in the apartment. Kitchen: • Kitchen cooking is allowed. Please leave the kitchen the way you found it (that goes for anything in the apartment). • If the dishwasher is running, please do your dishes by hand (dishwasher safe items only). • Make sure all counter tops, surfaces, chopping board and stovetop are cleaned after cooking. • Every time the stove top is used, please clean the stovetop. (Oil platters on the back splash & all over the stove top) • Also please wash your hands after touching raw meat or fish while cooking because I am finding dirty fingerprints on the microwave and refrigerator that could possibly transmit salmonella to other things. Get out everything you need from the refrigerator before you cook this avoids this. Or just touch the raw food, then wash, then touch the refrigerator. • Please pitch in to keep the place clean & organized - Example, running the dishwasher, emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash and recycling. • If the trash is full, change the bag & put it in the hallway shoot. • If the recycling is full, take it down to the recycle center in the basement. • Please take your trash out in your room as well. • Please purchase your own cooking items & condiments example: cooking oils, sugar, coffee, tea. I do not provide them. • Please cover all your open food containers or raw foods. Please by cling film or tin foil to do so (do not use my dishes to cover) • Please do not take any plastic or glass food storage from the kitchen out of the home. • I have had many items stolen and damaged from my home. So, I would appreciate my guests taking extra care when using the appliances such as teapots, toaster oven, and the microwave. Being mindful that this is someone's home and not a hotel room, and please treat it as so. • Do not leave food bits in the kitchen sink drain, Clean the sink after every use. (in NYC we can get an occasional bug & this is the way they are attracted) Bath: • Please use your own bath products. • No self-tanner allowed in the tub/shower. • No exfoliating products allowed in the tub/shower. • No black soap allowed in the tub/shower. • When using the bathroom sink, please clean up after yourself after shaving (hair) or brushing your teeth. • Please spray the shower down with the hose in the tub after showering to keep the shower clean. • Please, after every shower, there is an “after shower” spray under the sink. • Please remove empty shampoo bottles, conditioner, etc, from the bathroom. Room: • When the cleaning lady needs to clean the room, if she can't see the floor, she can't clean the room properly. • Please don’t hang anything on the walls. • There is also a hamper proved for dirty clothes. • WASHING LAUNDRY NOT INCLUDED. GUESTS WASH THEIR OWN SHEETS & TOWELS. • Laundry: Washer dryer takes bills ($5, $10 & $20) or credit cards. ADDITIONAL FEES: $850 security deposit if renting for a month or more (this fee gets placed on your credit card, then refunded after your stay unless there is damage claimed) Cleaning lady comes once a month (Host Paid for Service). For monthly renters: Right before your stay. If you are staying another month or more. At the end of the month, (once a month) during your stay, otherwise. After your one month stay. • If the keys are lost, there is a $75 fee to replace. • If you lose the laundry card supplied, you pay $5 for a new one. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks a million!!! Local Amenities: Tennis, Library, Shopping Centre, Local Bus Stop, Hospital, Cinema, Museum, Restaurant, Local Train Station
Bus Stop Train Station

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