8 Best Suburbs for Students in Melbourne, Australia

8 Best Suburbs for Students in Melbourne, Australia

Having trouble deciding which Melbourne suburb to live in while studying? This article should help you find the right one for you.

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Australia is one of the most popular picks for international students for many reasons. The high-quality schools and education, amazing sights, tasty food, and the diverse population would entice most people. The city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia in particular is an optimal choice for students due to the cosmopolitan lifestyle it offers. 

If you are overseas and interested in studying in Australia, Melbourne might be pretty high on your list. In this article, we will discuss some of the different suburbs located in Melbourne, the universities that are nearby, rent costs, and some of the attractions and activities there. 

Now, let’s get to it!

Why Choose Melbourne?

Before we get into the various neighborhoods and suburbs within the city, you should get to know Melbourne as a whole first. Melbourne is a coastal city located in the state of Victoria, and it is the second biggest city in Australia. To add, it is also the capital of Victoria.

Due to its large size, Melbourne has a very diverse population and multicultural communities across the city. Based on 2016 statistics, 70% were born in overseas countries. 67% of Melbourne are also attending university or other tertiary education institutions, so you will fit right in as an international student. 

Moving on to the attractions and culture in Melbourne, the city is certainly not lacking in either. The art scene here is booming with art galleries and exhibitions, museums, theatre, busking, and all kinds of live performances. 

In terms of education, Melbourne has some of the best institutions for tertiary learning. The University of Melbourne, for instance, has multiple campuses and offers many programs for both undergraduates and graduates. It’s easy to see why Melbourne is a top choice for overseas students who want to study outside of their home country. 

Sounding good so far? We will now break down a couple of neighborhoods that are popular among university students in the city.


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Caulfield is an inner-city suburb that is quite peaceful and has a soothing environment. It is not too busy but also not too far away from civilization that you feel like you’re living in the middle of nowhere. 

If you decide to get an apartment or shared housing in Caulfield, you will be surrounded by beautiful parks, sporting clubs, and small local restaurants. It is an affluent suburb that is popular among families and working professionals. Still, the student population in this suburb is also significant. This area is most suitable for older students who are out of their partying phase.

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 350 per week 

Nearby Colleges/ Universities: Monash University

Public Transportation: Tram (3-3A, 64), Train (CRANBOURNE, PAKENHAM), Bus (605, 623, 624)

Local Attractions: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Caulfield Park

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Northcote is a chic and trendy part of Melbourne that most students will love. La Trobe University is close by, so this is an ideal location if you will be attending the school. You will find cafes, restaurants, adorable boutiques, and rowdy pubs along the commercial district.

If you’re into live music, you can check out the Northcote Social Club, Open Studio, and 303 to check out local indie artists. It’s the perfect way to unwind on a Friday or Saturday night.

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 300 per week

Nearby Colleges/Universities: La Trobe University

Public Transportation: Train (MERNDA), Bus (508)

Local Attractions: Northcote Social Club, Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre, Laneway Theatre, Oldis Gardens, ARTS Project Australia, All Nations Park

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This neighborhood is best known for its Little Italy district along Lygon Street. There, you’ll find a number of Italian cafes and restaurants lined up where you can enjoy traditional cuisine. Carlton is in a prime location that is only a few minutes away from universities such as RMIT and is well-connected to public transportation.

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 335 per week 

Nearby Colleges/Universities: Melbourne Business School, Melbourne Law School, Trinity College, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)

Public Transportation: Tram (1), Train (MERNDA), Bus (200, 207, 250, 251, 504)

Local Attractions: Little Italy, Carlton Gardens, Carlton Wine Room, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne Museum

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Collingwood is also another inner-city suburb in Melbourne. It’s a very charming area with lots of leisure activities that students and young professionals alike would enjoy. There are several bars and pubs that you can check out, as well as artisanal coffee shops. To top it all off, Collingwood has a vibrant LGBTQ community and gay clubs and bars. It’s practically a hipster’s paradise.

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 395 per week

Nearby Colleges/Universities: Melbourne University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Melbourne Polytechnic, LCI Melbourne

Public Transportation: Tram (86), Train (HURSTBRIDGE, MERNDA), Bus (200, 246, 304, 350, 905, 908)

Local Attractions: Stomping Ground Brewery & Beer Hall, Backwoods Gallery, New Jaffa, Robbie Burns Hotel

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If Carlton is known for its Little Italy, Abbotsford, on the other hand, is famous for its Little Saigon. Since the neighborhood has a prominent immigrant community, Vietnamese-owned restaurants and shops will be mere minutes away from your doorstep. You can also admire the historic Victorian-style homes and buildings while grabbing a bowl of Phở. 

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 450 per week 

Nearby Colleges/Universities: University of Melbourne 

Public Transportation: Train (HURSTBRIDGE, MERNDA), Bus (246, 302, 304, 350, 905)

Local Attractions: Yarra Bend Park, Little Saigon, Retreat Hotel, Bodriggy Brewery

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As you can probably tell from its name, Docklands is a waterfront suburb along Victoria Harbour. It is considered the heart of Melbourne. If you enjoy watching sunsets by the water and boat rides, perhaps consider staying in Docklands. The area is frequented by tourists, so there are plenty of events and interesting attractions. 

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 430 per week

Nearby Colleges/Universities: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Kangan Institute

Public Transportation: Train (FRANKSTON, MERNDA, PAKENHAM, HURSTBRIDGE, SUNBURY), Bus (220, 232, 235), Tram (11, 48)

Local Attractions: Alumbra, Central Pier, Harbour Town

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If you want to live near Melbourne’s central business district, you may want to try looking for places to stay in Southbank. This suburb is near the Yarra River where you can enjoy sightseeing cruises and lunches or dinners by the riverside. Southbank has many high-rise residential buildings as well, so you could have the option to wake up to the scenic Melbourne city skyline.

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 387 per week
Nearby Colleges/Universities: University of Melbourne, Holmesglen Institute
Local Attractions:  Crown Melbourne, Southgate, Arts Centre Melbourne, Ponyfish Island, Eureka Tower 

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Last, but certainly not the least, is Clayton. Compared to the other suburbs on this list, Clayton has a lower average cost of rent, which is perfect for frugal students. Those who will be attending Monash University at the Clayton Campus are in luck because living expenses are not too high.

Clayton is also composed of several multicultural communities, and you will have easy access to cheap but world-class food. Aside from multicultural food, there is a variety of local supermarkets where you can find products and ingredients that you may not see at a typical Australian grocery store.

Average Cost of Rent (1 Bedroom): AU$ 292 per week
Nearby Colleges/Universities: Monash University Clayton Campus
Public Transportation: Train (CRANBOURNE, PAKENHAM), Bus (631, 703, 704, 821, 824)
Local Attractions: Namatjira Park, Clayton Railway Station, Two Rupees Brewery, Chadstone – The Fashion Central 

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Melbourne has many lovely neighborhoods, but these seven are the best options for students. Even among the ones on this list, there is enough variety for you to choose from based on your personal wants and needs. 

If you’re considering other areas in Australia such as Brisbane or Sydney, you can check out our other articles here on Student Accommodation One.