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• 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom
$ 346 Price per week
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Private Bathroom, Bus Stop, Train Station
Adelaide, South Australia

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This is a brand new home furnished with all brand new, modern appliances and furniture. My name is Ella and I am 28 years old. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of South Australia and have also completed additional study to obtain my Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) accreditation. I am a very studious, ambitious and hard-working person who values studying and learning. In my spare time I enjoy getting outdoors for a hike in the Adelaide Hills or going for a walk along the beach. I am a very active person and play competitive tennis and social netball as well as having a gym membership. I am a very positive, social person and enjoy the company of others visiting the many wine bars in the city and hosting games nights. If any of these activities interest you, I would love to invite you to join in the fun! Rent is $295 per week and is due fortnightly. This includes: • Fully furnished home and use of appliances • Electricity, water, gas and internet bills • Communal products for cleaning, laundry and dishwasher Please set up an automatic deduction. The bond is equivalent to 3 weeks rent which is payable in advance. You will have the following zones in the home for your own exclusive use: • Comfortable Homestay bedroom (3.1m x 4m) with built in 2 door robe and security lock on door • Upstairs toilet & main bathroom The common areas in the house are: • Entryway • Downstairs toilet • Kitchen, living & dining • Laundry • Outdoor area You are permitted to use the following: • Fridge, freezer & pantry – half of the shelves / drawers are for your use • Appliances & cookware in the kitchen • Washing machine, vacuum cleaner, mop & iron • Towels and linen • Television, dvds, books & games You will be responsible for the following: • Buying your own food & drink (including food containers) • Buying your own personal hygiene products (e.g. soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc.) • Cleaning your own zones weekly & helping clean the common areas on a rotating weekly schedule • Doing your own laundry and ironing • Cooking your own meals Room(s): 1. Single Room (Homestay Room) with Private bathroom This room is very comfortable size (3.1m x 4m) that easily accommodates a study area, large chest of 6 drawers and a 2 door built in robe. The beautiful natural light in the mornings is just a bonus! Capacity: 1 Rates: Weekly / 1235.00 Monthly House Rules: General Rules • Always be kind and respectful of one another and don’t use abusive language • You will need to pay to fix or replace any damage you cause to the home, furniture or appliances • Ask permission to borrow or use anything not included in the list and ensure this is replaced • When leaving the home lock all doors and windows, put blinds down and turn off lights / appliances • Turn off lights, television and other appliances when room is not in use • Air conditioner / heater to be put on a timer during evenings and only in necessary zones Cleaning • Clean the kitchen immediately after use to allow the other housemate access to cook • Rinse all dishes before putting in dishwasher to prevent damage from food build up • Only run the washing machine and dishwasher when it is near full to save water • Be mindful of items that should not be put in the dishwasher and need to be washed by hand (e.g. cooking knives, cutting boards, wooden utensils etc) • Each housemate is responsible for cleaning their own bedroom & bathroom weekly with focus on the shower screen and tiles to prevent mould & soap scum build up • Alternate roster will be in place to clean the common areas on a weekly basis which includes taking out bins, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, mowing the lawn etc. Guests & Visitors I have a guestroom set up and will occasionally have my family and friends using this to stay overnight. You are welcome to have your own family and friends visit in your homestay room. If you want to use the guestroom, you will need to ask for permission to do so. If your guests stay for more than 2 nights at a time or on a more regular basis (e.g. weekly), they will be asked to chip in with rent / household bills. • If you are having a guest over to visit and/or stay the night, please be respectful and let the other housemate know to ensure that this won’t be disruptive to them • You are responsible for your own guests (i.e. replacing / fixing any damage & cleaning up after them) • Guests are not to be left in the home unattended and are not to be given the remote or keys to the home (i.e. for privacy and security reasons) Termination of Lease • Homestay rules are to be abided by or immediate termination of your lease will apply • On termination of the lease all rented areas are to be cleaned to the same standard as provided on your arrival and house remote and keys are to be returned • An inspection of the rented areas will be conducted after your belongings have been removed from the property to determine the amount of the bond to be refunded (you are to be present for the inspection) Local Amenities: Beach, Shopping Centre, Local Bus Stop, Hospital, Park, Local Train Station
Private Bathroom Bus Stop Train Station

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